About the Music and Meditations

All of the New Age Music CDs available in the Dyan Garris music and meditation series are designed for Automatic Chakra Balance™ and integration of mind, body, and spirit.

These are the sound vibrations and musical notes that are being channeled to the planet to help us heal, transform, and ascend. The music and meditations on each CD gradually get higher in form and vibration as the series progresses. All Dyan Garris CDs in the music and meditation series are available separately. For licensing information click here.

The first six CDs are each six or seven tracks of soothing instrumental music. A guided meditation for specific healing is found on the last track of each. Each meditation has a different purpose or purposes. Each is its own special “healing journey.” Yet they are all designed to work together and on multi-layers.

When you’re done listening to a CD you can journal about it in the Meditation Journal. Release CD and Eight CD have no guided meditation at the end. The music is its own meditation.

There are 8 CDs in the now completed series. These are:

(1) A Healing Journey: The Voice of the Angels (a journey through the chakras, meet guardian angels, and healing)

(2) Moment by Moment: Music for the Soul (for staying in your power and learning the power of the present moment)

(3) Reflection (for manifesting heart’s desires)

(4) Patterns (for overcoming obstacles and moving forward)

(5) Illusions (for forgiveness and self empowerment)

(6) Connections (for eliminating karma)

(7) Release (no guided meditation)

(8) Eight: Music for Ascension (no guided meditation)

(9 and 10) Spiritus Sanctus Volume 1 and 2 – Music only, radio version compilations

(11 and 12) Perfect Pathways Volume 1 and 2 – Meditation only – with music underlay – meditation compilations from the first 6 CDs in the series.

Garris’ first album outside the series – Mystic’s Nine – was released in late 2016 and won a Global Music Award.

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