Job Description

MoneyAndManifesting9780977614066_DGYou think positive thoughts. You apply the law of attraction. You visualize and clear pathways to abundance. You examine your belief systems. And…you manifest…. nothing.

Now you want to find out exactly what to do about it. You want wealth, you want prosperity, you want transformation. Here you will discover the real secrets to money and manifesting.

What you learn will change your life forever. Parts of the book are fictionalized. That means there is a story that is intertwined around the information.

The purpose of this is that it brings the left brain together with the right brain for the purpose of integration. Integration of mind, body, and spirit is a necessary foundation for all manifestation.


Money and Manifesting IIAnd don’t forget the award winning finalist Money and Manifesting II, which is a continuation of these characters and focuses on the patterns that keep you stuck. Move forward now.